AOL Time Warner Building

10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY, USA

The Time Warner World Headquarters gave UBS the unique opportunity of completing the largest single-building hoisting project in the history of Manhattan, with 12 operational hoists.

The 800 feet tall twin-tower, constructed in the busy heart of Columbus Circle, was further complicated by the over 100 linear foot setbacks the design required. Building setbacks are always a challenge in the mobilization and construction of high-rise projects.

One floor of the building superstructure was built every two days. This construction cycle is unique to New York City and requires a hoisting system that can handle the high volume of workers and materials needed, and can also keep up with the fast pace of work being done.

UBS also set a record when the project was complete and the hoisting system had to be dismantled. There were two hoisting complexes, one on each side of the project. Dismantling had to be done within twenty-four weeks, twelve weeks per side. UBS dismantled the system in a previously unimaginable total of just five weeks, safely and without incident.