High Speed Construction Hoists and Engineering Ingenuity


UBS specializes in high-speed construction hoists, complete with structural setback systems and aluminum common platforms. Our engineering expertise allows us to take on prestigious projects around the world, among them Canary Wharf (UK), The Olympia Ritz Carlton (Barcelona), and The Statue of Liberty.

In the 1980s, UBS revolutionized the way buildings were hoisted

During the construction of the vast Battery Park City/World Financial Center project in New York, UBS introduced its patented Aluminum Backstructure System. This unique innovation allowed hoists to be clustered in one location for the first time. This breakthrough reduced costs, and increased efficiency and constructibility for the entire project. This cutting-edge technology became industry standard for all future high-rise building construction in New York City (as well as select high-rise projects in Texas, California, Connecticut, New Jersey, and later Europe).

YIMBY/Michael Young

Twenty years later, UBS introduced the next generation of technologically superior hoisting systems. During the construction of Time Warner World Headquarters in Columbus Circle, safety and efficiency were even more important than usual. So UBS created a new hoisting system that allows up to 90% of the installation to be performed at ground level. This greatly reduces every worker’s “time in the tower at height” risk.

By assembling the hoisting modules (pods) on the ground:

  • The critical “time in the tower at height” risk is minimized. 
  • All work is performed in a controlled, safeguarded environment. 
  • Safety systems are available and in close proximity to work being installed.

Case Studies

Bringing Safety Standards to a Higher Level

Using technology developed and tested at London’s Canary Wharf, UBS incorporated a new way to bring safety during installation and removal to unprecedented levels. Additionally:

  • All work is performed in a controlled and safer environment.
  • Safety systems are available and in close proximity to work being installed.