11 Hoyt Street

11 Hoyt Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA

11 Hoyt Street is a 57-floor tower located in downtown Brooklyn. The residential tower will offer luxury residences and over 55,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor amenities. Designed by the award-winning architectural practice Studio Gang, the tower at 11 Hoyt Street topped out in the late spring of 2019. UBS began shed and fence construction on-site the year before in January of 2018 and then began Hoist installation a month later in February. The shed and fence design on the site includes an 8ft high sidewalk bridge running 250 ft long on both Hoyt St and Elm St, and 280 ft long on Livingston St. Each sidewalk bridge contains 8 ft high plywood fence along the interior. Both Hoyt and Elm St have 20 ft long sliding gates for entry points. The hoist tower complex contains 2 Dual 7,000 lb. hoist cars. The service of the hoist tower complex runs from the cellar up to the 52nd floor, covering 600 ft.