1865 Broadway

1865 Broadway, New York, NY, USA

1865 Broadway is located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan on the corner of West 61st and Broadway. 1865 Broadway is a 34-floor residential tower developed by Avalon Bay communities. Construction began on site in 2017 and wrapped up in 2019 after topping out at 416 ft. UBS began providing shed protection, hoist installation, and cocoon protection in June of 2017. Two sidewalk bridges were erected, one on 61st Street and the other on Broadway. The bridge on West 61st Street was 260 ft long 8 ft high with two 20 ft wide truck entrances with sliding gates. The sidewalk bridge on Broadway was 120 ft long and 8 ft high. UBS installed 430 linear feet of vertical netting around the perimeter of the building, to serve as cocoon protection for certain floors. The initial ties were made on the 3rd and 4th floor, while the final tie floor was the 34th, covering approximately 41 ft high in total. Lastly, two hoists were installed on the tower, a 7,000 lb. capacity dual hoist, and a 7,000 lb. capacity single hoist. The dual hoist serviced from the sub-cellar to the 34th floor, covering 412 ft. The single hoist serviced from the ground floor up to the 7th floor, covering 90 ft, respectively.