City Point Tower 3

Willoughby Street & Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA

City Point Tower 3 is a multi faceted skyscraper located on the south west corner of Willoughby Street and the Flatbush Ave Extension in Brooklyn. Construction on this final tower in the City Point megaproject began back in 2017. It is now topped out at 58 floors, making it one of the largest skyscrapers in Brooklyn. UBS began installation of the hoist tower complex in January of 2018. The hoist tower complex covers service from the ground floor up to the roof, just under 700 ft of coverage. Two 7,000 lb. capacity dual hoists run on either side of the common platform up to the 58th floor. The hoist complex runs with 16 ft setbacks from the building from the 6th floor up to the 58th.