Crown Building

57th Street & Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, USA

The Crown Building is located on 57th Street and Fifth Avenue. Originally named the Heckscher Building after its completion in 1921, the building later changed its name to the Crown Building in 1983 due to its crown-like appearance when fully lit up at night. The midtown Manhattan property was home to some of the most expensive retail stores and offices in the country. Recently the building has undergone complete renovations to be converted into a luxury hotel, including a massive 5-floor penthouse atop the building’s crown section. UBS has provided multiple hoist installations, construction of sidewalk sheds, fencing, scaffolding, and multiple protections around the building. A custom fabricated cantilevered shed was constructed on the northeast corner of the building. The cantilevered shed is 47 ft above the ground and runs 140 ft long on the 57th street face of the building and 120 ft long on Fifth Avenue face. The shed consists of 20 ft long cantilever steel beams that are spliced to the existing structure and are capable of supporting large scaffolds. There is a 32 ft high sidewalk shed that runs 125 ft long on 56th street, a 47 ft high sidewalk shed that runs 60 ft long on Fifth Ave, and a 16 ft high sidewalk shed that runs 40 ft long on 57th street. There is approximately 675 feet of fencing around the site as well. There are three separate hoist towers on-site at the Crown Building. The first is a dual hoist tower that runs a 7,000 lb. car from the ground floor up to the 22nd floor. This hoist doesn’t service the second and third floors and covers 280 ft in total. The second hoist is a single tower hoist that runs a 7,000 car from the 22nd floor up to the 26th floor (the penthouse roof). This hoist tower strictly covers the penthouse section of the building covering 60 ft in total. The third hoist is an interior single tower hoist running a 7,000 lb. car from the ground floor up to the 16th floor, totalling 210 ft in coverage. There is also approximately 60,000 sq. ft of scaffold and 4,000 sq. ft of scaffold working deck throughout the site.