Pacific Park B15

700 Pacific St, Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA

The Pacific Park Complex is a 22 acre mega project in downtown Brooklyn. Parcel B15 of the development is located at 664 Pacific Street and is set to be a 27 story mixed use building. The first four floors of the building’s base will serve as a public school, and the remaining floors will be for residential use. UBS began shed construction and hoist installation in September of 2019. Two sidewalk bridges were constructed along the site, one on Pacific Street and the other on Dean Street. Both bridges run 10 ft high and 130 ft long respectively. Hoist installation began in February of 2020, consisting of a 7,000 lb. capacity dual hoist, a 7,000 lb. capacity single hoist, and a 2,000 lb. capacity material hoist. Both the single and dual hoist service from the ground floor up to the 2nd bulkhead (29th level), covering a total of 270 ft. The material hoist services from the ground floor down to the sub cellar, covering a total of 28 ft.