Pacific Park B4

11 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA

The Pacific Park is a 22 acre mega project in downtown Brooklyn. Parcel B4 of the development is located at 18 6th Ave and is set to be a 50 story residential building. Also set to be the tallest building in the development, B4 will top out at over 500 ft. UBS began shed construction and hoist installation in 2020. Approximately 220 ft of 8 ft high sidewalk bridge was put up on both 6th Ave and Atlantic Ave. Both bridges have 16 ft high sections for gates and are 20 ft high at the corner of 6th and Atlantic. Two 7,000 lb. capacity dual hoists were installed on the northern face of the building. Both hoists will service from the ground floor up to the 50th floor, covering 495 ft each.