Turkevi Center

YIMBY/Michael Young
821 First Ave, New York, NY, USA

The Turkevi Center is located on 821 First Ave between 45th and 46th street, across from the UN Headquarters. The 35-floor skyscraper is being built as the future home for the consulate of the Republic of Turkey. The building will be multi-purposed containing offices and diplomatic residences for both staff and visitors. UBS began shed and fence construction back in January of 2018 and hoist installation in March of 2018. Two sidewalk bridges were constructed on-site, one 16 ft high and 200 ft long on 46th street, the other sidewalk bridge on First Ave is also 16 feet high but runs 60 ft long. The hoist tower complex includes one main dual hoist and a common platform. The main dual hoist runs a 7,000 lb. car from the ground floor up to the 35th floor, covering 445 ft.