543 West 122nd Street, New York, NY, USA

Vandewater is located at 543 West 122nd Street. Vandewater is a 33-floor condominium tower, the first of its kind in the upper west side. The architectural design at Vandewater was a collaboration with Inc. Architecture and Design and SLCE Architects. Construction on the tower topped out last year at 391 ft. In December of 2017, UBS began a three-phase job to assist with development on site. Firstly, a 120 ft of 8 ft high sidewalk fence and jersey barriers were installed on both West 122nd and West 123rd street to create a pedestrian walkway. Two months later, we began constructing sidewalk bridges on the aforementioned streets. The sidewalk bridges were both 8 ft high and a 120 ft long. A high truck entrance was included on both sidewalk bridges for north and south entry points. In May of 2018, hoist installation began. The hoist complex included a 7,000 lb capacity dual hoist, which serviced from the cellar up to the roof, totalling 380 ft in coverage.